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A Java application to decode, filter, plot and view UK notams

Notam Map is an application designed to take Preflight Information Bulletins (PIBs) published by the UK Aeronautical Information Service of the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) and to provide alternative means of presentation for the benefit of the pilot.

The standard published format of the notam is not particularly easy for the human reader to interpret quickly and more significantly, the task of identifying which are relevant to one's flight from a long list is both time consuming and error prone.

Notam Map solves the problem by providing the user with the ability to filter out irrelevant bulletins and to decode and present the remainder in alternative views. In particular an attempt is made to plot the affected areas on a map of the UK. This makes the job of identifying which are relevant to one's flight much quicker and ensures the risk of missing something relevant is much reduced.

It was written for the benefit in particular of private and recreational pilots.

:: Free Trial ::

This software is currently offered for use at no charge.

The software does however have an expiry date, after which time it will cease to work but this is primarily a mechanism for limiting the life span of older versions with undesirable features.

It will always be possible to download the latest version and although I reserve the right to introduce a nominal charge in the future, there are no plans currently to do so.

:: Disclaimer ::

While every effort has been made to produce a quality product, this application is provided with absolutely no guarantees either to the accuracy, completeness or presentation of the data supplied.

Notam Map is not approved or recognised by NATS and should not be used as the primary means of obtaining pre-flight information for flight planning purposes.

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